Month: January 2008

“Normal” diarrhea

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Most of you know that I’ll be going to Africa (Dakar, Sénégal) for a couple of weeks. I leave on February 21st and I should be back on March 7th. For more details, you can always visit the project’s official website. You know, in case you’re wondering what the heck am I going there for.

Anyways, I had to do a lot of “unusual” things to get ready for this trip; getting shots against all kinds of nasty things like yellow fever, meningitis, and so on. This means that I had to go to the doctor’s office, a thing I almost never do.

The doctor I see has no sense of humour, and that doesn’t make things easier for me, since I tend to make a lot of jokes when I’m a little nervous. For example, on my first visit:

Doctor: You’re going to Africa. We need to give you the rabies shot. If you’re ever bitten by a rabid dog at night in a dark alley you’ll have a bout one hour to get to a hospital OR YOU DIE!

Mike: *giggles*

Doctor: I’m not kidding. YOU WILL DIE!

Mike (between giggles): What the heck would I be doing in a dark alley at night?

Doctor: You never know.

The funniest thing is that he is dead (ha ha) serious. This continues for a while, moving to a different topic.

Doctor: …And you have to BRING CONDOMS!

Mike: I’m happily married, I’m not going there to screw around you know.

Doctor: Nevertheless, BRING CONDOMS!

Mike: Are you coming with me?

Yeah. He didn’t think that was funny at all.

Yesterday I went to the Campus pharmacy to have my prescritions filled. There’s this one thing for malaria, and this other thing for diarrhea. I’m a little puzzled, since they already gave me some Dukoral – for diarrhea – a couple of weeks back.

Pharmacist: Ok this is for malaria. start taking tose pills two days before you leave, and then one week after you’re back.

Mike: That’s 23 days. You only gave me 20 pills.

Pharmacist: Bah, you’ll be all right. This other thing is for (from this point, he whispers) diarrhea. Do not take these for normal diarrhea. (He starts giggling) I mean, not that diarrhea might be normal, but you should only take these of you start to get (he lowers his voice even more) blood in your feces. Not if it’s just a little reddish, I mean actual blood.

Mike: So if it’s “2 girls 1 cup” I do not take these, I take Dukoral instead?

Pharmacist: Right. Ahem… I mean what’s 2 girls 1 cup?

Mike: Nice try buddy.


All my knowledge comes from TV

And from cartoons I read as a kid. I swear. 

Yesterday we – Lovely Wife and the Zadorables – went skating on the Canal (Pictures under the “Picasa” link).

My Arrested Development Moment 

As we’re stopping for the usual Beaver Tail / Bacon Bunner snack, I heard this young Asian looking kid reapeat over and over “Annyong!” Thankfully, I watched Arrested Development knew this meant “Hello” and could wave at him. After I had pictures of Buster and GOB and Michael fly through my mind.

Please bring back Arrested Development, I just proved this show helps bring different cultures together.

My Tintin moment

Someone was talking about this Rossini opera, and they couldn’t remember the name. “La Gaza Ladra” I said, because that’s the opera Tintin refers to in “Les bijoux de la Castafiore”.

And people think I’m smart. I just watch a lot of TV / read a lot of cartoons.

Another iPod Meme

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The “My iPod is ruling my life” meme, Opus 763


* Fire up your MP3 player or iPod or computer-based music browser.
* Turn on the Shuffle or Random feature.
* Press play. The title of the song that plays is your first answer.
* You can listen to the song or press “next” to go on
* The title of the next song is your second answer, and so on
* Important: you need to READ and UNDERSTAND the question BEFORE you click “next”. It’s even better if you read the question aloud. Ask any astrologer or tarot card reader.
* Post your results here or on your own blog. Link to this post if you please.

Divination Meme

1. How do I present myself to the world? Under Wraps (Jethro Tull)
2. What do I value the most? Dear Friend (Fish)
3. How do I communicate with others? Mood Swings (Me, Mom and Morgentaler)
4. Where do I come from? Drips, featuring Obie Trice (Eminem)
5. How do I creatively express myself (or how do I have fun)? Sinus (Type O Negative)
6. How does my work environment contribute to my overall well-being? Count to Six and Die (Marylin Manson)
7. What kind of person am I attracted to? Mope (The Bloodhound Gang)
8. How do I view death/transformation? Heartbeat (Hooverphonic)
9. What are my beliefs? At Last, forever (Jethro Tull)
10. What do I want to be known for / what is my calling? Internal Exile (Fish)
11. What kinds of friends do I have? Homewrecker (The Porn Flakes)
12. What are my dreams *really* about? In the Backseat (Arcade Fire)

The Day of the New(s)

Lots of new things today, lots of news touching me or my family today.

1- uOttawa student suspected of strangling his father to death

No, I didn’t know that student.

2- Attempted kidnapping in St-Hyacinthe

Yes, that was near my brother’s school.

3- New Host

Some of you might have noticed that my site was down the last couple of days. My host server crashed and my site was moved to a new host. It took some time for the DNS change to propagate, but I’m back!

4 -I got a new digital camera!

Nothing too too fancy, but a good compromise between cost, portability and quality. Couple that with the huge rebate I got buying the camera, makes for a pretty sweet deal.

My new camera!

But the most amazing thing is the increase in quality of the pictures. I knew that going from 2.0Mpix to 7.1Mpix would make a huge difference, but don’t take my word for it. Instead, look at two pictures of me, the first one taken with my old camera, the second one with the new camera. The difference is amazing.

Canon A40Canon A570IS

(I was going to do this with Heath Ledger, but I figured it was too soon.)