Month: February 2008

Have stuff, will travel.

Imported from the old…

Allright, this is one more post about the Africa project. (This used to be a link, but the website is not dead)

One of the funny things about going to Africa is the need to pack for a 16 day trip, in a country where I probably won’t be able to buy clothes or rely on the hotel service to wash them for me (in a timely manner). All of this without going over the 2 pieces of luggage + one backpack limit.

Here’s what I came up with. But I’m willing to listen to people who are more experienced travelers than I am. Dave?

Laptop & Peripherials:
Thinkpad T43
AC charger
Wireless mouse
4G USB key (personnal files, pictures backup, etc.)
2G USB key (workshop backup material)
Electrical adapter

Polycom PVX:
Installation software

Canon A570IS Digital Camera
Relevant batteries (2×2)
compact charger
2G Memory card
Multicard reader + cable

Blackberry 8700
USB Cable (to charge with laptop)

2x book (The kite runner, suggestion?)
iPod Touch 32G – Isn’t it pretty?
USB cable (to charge with laptop)

516x underwear
516x socks
2x cargo pants (light, dark)
1x jeans (blue or black?)
4x t-shirts (black, beige, others)
2x dress shirt (blue, black)
1x suit jacket (black)
1x bathing suit

1x Open Shoes (Crocs)
1x Walking Shoes
1x Extra pair of laces

1x Tilley Hat

Normal toiletries (including razor, nail clipper, etc.)
Detergent for clothes
Insect repellent
Lots of sunscreen
Lip balm

Small “First Aid” Kit:
Prescribed medicine (diarrhea, malaria, etc.)
Antiseptic cream
After sun treatment

Net for sleeping

Stuff I have to bring for the Workshop:
10x booklet for participants
10x USB keys

300 USD

What am I missing?

Edit: Poppy was very convincing about the underwear & socks. 😉

Superbowl XLII

Imported from the old…

What a game. I thought excitement was not allowed during the Superbowl.

A little disapointed that I didn’t get to see history in the making, but that Manning kid was fabulous. Just before the game, we recreated the Superbowl before the Superbowl and the Giants managed to beat the Patriots in sudden death. 😉

A brief word about the commercials: Meh. As my friend Dwaynifer pointed, the bumpers were more interesting then most of the commercials. Although I must admin Shaq as a jockey made me laugh.