Hello World!

Well now.

I didn’t post a lot this weekend. Ahem. I didn’t post at all this week end because I was enjoying a nice long relaxing weekend with my family.

Plus, not much happened. That tends to be the case when I do nothing.

I did gain a few levels in City of Heroes. That must count for something right?

Oh I remember now. We visited a house on Friday afternoon. We looked at the pictures on line and thought it was a great house. Had a pool and a double garage and everything. The other thing it had was an agent with a great camera technique. Once we could look at the other angles, the house became quite dreadful.

On the plus side, this makes our current house look fantastic.

Lovely Wife found hapiness in the form of a big-a$$ spa / tiny pool that could potentially be installed in our backyard. We figured if we were wiling to spend close to 300K on a “new” house that needed 75K of renovations, we might as well stay in our current house and spend the 35-40K needed to redo bathrooms and get the tiny pool installed.

One last thing: I’m moving soon to WordPress.


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