Moving is hard

Even if it’s just moving a blog. I spent most of my Saturday in the virtual basement of my old blog, going through virtual boxes looking at the useful things I keep down there.

It’s amazing the amount of crap I found. Out of the 400+ posts I made on in the past two years and a half, I only felt I needed to save 4 of them, and 3 pictures. The rest is just gathering virtual dust (and taking up actual disk space). I saved what i wanted to keep in a folder on my computer – for future references and killed the rest. But not before I made those graphics:

Look, a graphic!

Oh look, a graph!

Oh look, a graph!

Just for fun, here’s what the site looked like on July 19th, 2007:

And another!

And another!

And of course, the new WordPress as of today:



Time to start gathering stuff again… 😉


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