Lend me your ear

You see (or you’ll see in a minute), when I woke up Wednesday morning I dragged my “I’m sick but I’m feeling much better” ass to the bathroom to get ready for my return to work. I had been home for two days at that point and decided I was going to work instead of spending the day at the doctor’s office to get a note.

Holy shit! I said to my reflection.

I ran back upstairs to grab the camera, under the shocked ever loving look  of Lovely Wife. I normally never bring the camera in the bathroom. I swear.

What are you doing? She yelled lovingly asked.

I stared at her and pointed at my head. This is what she saw.



I don’t know what I’m supposed to be looking at. She said.

Don’t you notice that my right ear is 3 times bigger than the left?

A beat. Ahhhhhhh! she says.

And yet she drives (me crazy).

For kicks and giggles, here are days 2 and 3 (click to make bigger)




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