Meaningless Monday I

Meaningless Monday is where I bring you a whole bunch of meaningless stuff compiled in one giant meaningless post.

Go Habs Go!
Tonight is the ultimate game in the Boston-Montreal series. I hope Montreal wins, but it doesn’t look good for them. Guess what tomorrow’s post will be about.

New car smell
I luv my new car. It smells nice and drives even nicer. I think I made a pretty good deal in trading in my 2004 Corolla.

Big Ear
My ears are pretty much the same size again. Weeeeeee! 

Taxes are done. Lovely Wife did them by hand, and says she likes it. We pay less taxes this year. Yay us!

3, 2, 1…
Only 3 days left before we fly south for a week. Rejoyce!

She got here, washed our clothes, raked our yard, spoiled the Zadorables, shopped with LW. I luv my FMIL more than my new car smell. All my friends want to borrow her. That’s probably because they don’t know she comes in a package deal with LW.


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