Let’s see. I got up, took a shower, had juice for breakfast, drove the kids to school, was late to take the bus, waited for the bus, took the bus. grabbed a coffee, worked, bought a cable to connect my iPod in my car, had pizza for lunch, worked, worked some more, got wet on the way home, had nice ribs for dinner, drank a little diet sprite, watched some PVR’d shows, wrote this.

So many interesting things happened to me today, I don’t know what to blog about.

Somewhere in there my daughter told me about a project she has for school: Her and a few friends want to tell jokes in front of the class. So there she is with a little notebook and pencil in hand, and she’s prepared to write down the many many jokes I know. Because I’m funny, you know.

I blanked.

Yes, I know a lot of jokes, but at that moment I realized that none of them are appropriate for a class of 9 year-old. Oops. I use to know hundreds if not millions of jokes, what happened to me?

Do you know any kid-friendly jokes? 


One comment

  1. Comment est-ce qu’on nomme un boomerang qui ne revient pas? Un bout de bois

    Pourquoi les lions ne mangent pas de clowns? Parce qu’ils gouttent drôles.

    Combien ça prend de bébés morts pour changer une ampoule au plafond? Un tas de 6 pieds

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