Vacation Quiz

Question 1: When you think of “vacations” what pops in your head?

(a) Hiking, Canoeing, Driving 400 miles to climb a volcano, Camping, Biking the white mountains with all your camping gear on your back while pulling the kids (because they’re small and can’t bike that good). And then, on the second day…

(b) Sitting on a beach, Doing nothing, Having drinks, Eating out or ordering in, Sleeping late, Watching movies. Repeat until you have to go back to work.

Your results:

If you answered (a), you’re Lovely Wife. Well, you’re at last the part of her that enjoys doing exhausting activities strung together over a week and call that a vacation / building memories.

If you answered (b), you’re a normal human.

Guess which one I am?     

Planning for vacations at our house is quite interesting. It’ll normally start by a lot of rapid-fire questions asked by Lovely Wife, questions with no good answer (would you rather climb a mountain or would you rather hike up a volcano? Would you rather go camping in the woods or in the woods near a lake? Would you rather fish and then gut fish and cook it for dinner, or hunt the 10 pounds mosquitos gut them and cook them for dinner?, etc.*). Plus, the nagging planning starts months in advance.

It will end a few hours before the actual vacation time, by one of us saying “We’ll do what you want, LovelyWife”.

Can’t wait to get back to work. My vacations start on July 25th.

*And btw, my aswers are: I’d rather have sex, I’d rather sleep in a five star hotel and I’d rather order room service.


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