Casting Call!

I saw this at Ajooja‘s place, and since he took it from someone else, I’m stealing it. From his blog: “Kilax had a great post last week where she asked her readers to cast actors to play their parents in a movie.”

This might be fun thing to do, I thought. Without further ado, here we go:


My dad reminds me of Sean Connery a lot. It’s not just the look, it’s the strong quiet type, the fact the he’d easily be cast as a King for any movie he’d be in. There’s also that little twinkle in his eye. My dad turns 60 tomorrow.


Kathy Bates could play my mom. She’d need some props (glasses, cigarettes, coffee) but she’d pull it off for sure. Kathy Bates had her first nude scene at 43, and this is the kind of ballsy thing my mom could pull off. Easily. Like going back to school at 43.  


My sister is the purty one in the family. Can’t you tell?


My baby brother is kinda all grown-up now. He has a beard, his own blog and makes cheesy sound effects while doing the dishes, playing golf or driving.

It your turn now!

What about me, I can hear you think. Well, I don’t know. There’s a lot of pictures of me lying around on the Web, I think this is where you come in. Who would you cast to play yours truly, and why? 



  1. @ Avi: I would lie if I told you it was easy.

    @ Ajooja: My Brother, unlike Bud Spencer, is a very mellow guy. I’m pretty sure he’ll get the funny side of this.

  2. We told my husband’s parents yesterday that we cast Woody Allen and Angela Lansbury as them. His mom didn’t mind, but his dad seemed offended! ha ha.

    And we realized that Gerard Butler in 300 looks EXACTLY like my BiL. Strange. 🙂

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