I often have amazing ideas. So amazing you wouldn’t believe it. As you read on, you’ll think: “I can’t believe how amazing this idea is”. I’m warning you. This is not one of those times.

Somehow, my little tiny iddy biddy brain convinced my gorilla-sized 300 pounds body that (re)starting squash was a great idea, a good way to get back in shape and just an all around nice activity to do. Yup, I’ve tried this once. Except this time, instead of playing squash with another out of shape an older another novice player, my brain, all 4 cells of it, made my mouth say yes when the Wicker Man, a really experienced player in waaaaaay better shape than yours truly asked me if I’d like to play squash with him.

On what might very well be a related note, I suspect that the lead content of my house drinking water is too high for human consumption.

After 10 minutes, I was out of breath, sweating like a pig and I had a hard time moving my legs – and that was just the stairs to the gym. Did I mention the gym is downstairs? You should’ve seen me try to tie my shoes. Oh the huge manatee!  

All kidding aside, I didn’t do too bad for a really out of shape guy who first picked up a squash racquet 14 months ago and played less than 10 hours at this point in time (including today’s game). I think that the Wicker Man was kind enough not to humiliate me too much on this first game. He even let me keep my balls at the end of the game, and for that I thank him.



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