It’s finger crushin’ good.

I sometimes complain about email, the amount I get, the time I spend reading and replying to them, and so on. Then on some weekends, I fall in love with email all over again. Here’s part of an email I received over the weekend:

I haven’t got a freaking clue what eat lol. I’m actually terrified to eat. My chest hurts so much from my experience and it feels like someone punched me in the ass where she injected me yesteday lol. Its actually funny some of it.

Yesterday I was running between the big bathroom upstairs and the one in my room which is quite small. Well I ran to the small bathroom in our room and was on my knees to be sick and my hand was holding onto the door frame with my fingers in the door jamb. Marc to be kind was trying to keep me calm and when I started to be sick I was trying to tell him to get out because I didn’t want him there. So he starts to close the door but my fingers are still in the door frame! So to add insult to injury he crushed my finger tips!. I almost passed out at that moment because I’m throwing up and trying to yell at him that my fingers are in the door and the more I’m yelling and crying he’s thinking I’m upset because I want him to leave. He felt some resistance in the door and thought it was a piece of carpet so he’s trying to force the door closed even harder lol. He finally realizes it was my fingers lol!. 

OMG its funny now but it wasn’t at the time.

Ps. Pedialyte is gross.

LOL. I’m sorry it made me laugh.


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