Party like it’s 1980 something

We’re getting older.

I went out with my friends Peter and John yesterday to celebrate Peter’s upcoming fatherhood. After an uneventful meal in the market, we walked around a bit to clear Peter’s headache. We then drove to this shady sportsbar where the live music was provided with a man, his guitar, and his impressive collection of 80s “hits”. The guy was whistling in EVERY SINGLE SONG he played. We stayed for three songs and then went to see the Hulk.

I was in bed by 1:00 am. I remember a time where the party would start at 1:00 am.

We’re getting older.

On a not-so-related note, today is Father’s day. I will most probably call my dad to chat with him for a bit, especially after the recent Mother’s day fiasco – I was in Montreal for work and completely forgot to call my mom – and I wouldn’t want to be exposed for the ungrateful son that I am.

Just kidding.

I’m a dad, but things are going to be pretty quiet at home today. My lovely daughter forgot the Father’s day present she made for me at school Friday. She was crying. I told her the important thing was that she was there, and the we loved each other. She’s been sitting on my lap hugging me for the last hour. I wish I could do the same with my dad, but he’s far away and I’m much heavier than Zoé.



  1. About knowing you’re getting older. I’m 34 and went to see The Birthday Massacre (gothy type band) the other week. Oldest person there. By far. Kept getting odd looks from the kids, I swear they were going to hold the door open for me and say “there you go Granddad”. Very, er, humbling.

  2. Ahem.

    When I was 32, I saw Marilyn Manson in Montréal. Kids there thought i was part of the security. Didn’t help that I went with a guy wearing a black t-shirt with “Security” on the back.

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