I would like to give public thanks to K-Girl and Marc-Man for camping out and getting my family and myself a totally awesome WiiFit game.



Of course, now that I got one, I’m a little worried. The documentation says that it’s good for 150kg (330 pounds), and even though I’m under the 300 pounds threshold, I don’t know if I should feel comfortable using the balance board. What if it breaks? If I step on my scale, and lean left and right, the needle jumps up near the 330 pounds mark… Anyone out there around the 300 pound mark using the balance board?¸

Edit: I couldn’t wait and tried the board. It didn’t break, but the little voice did say “Only one person on the board at a time!” Just kidding. Of course, my kids didn’t quite have time to read my BMI analysis, so now they think I’m “obsessed”. It could be worst, right?


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