Month: July 2008


“I’m going out, I’m not bringing my wallet, keys and phone.”

I hear this at least four times a week, or a variation thereof. Lovely Wife has a knack for leaving useless things behind, and her wallet, keys and phone fall into that category. Yesterday as she’s walking out the house to go biking to the library with the kids she lets me know she would not be carrying useless items.

– Sure, I said, if you have an accident of something you could crawl to the nearest payphone to call me or the ambulance.

She made the face – you know the face that says you’re probably right but you’re an idiot – and took her useless things with her. And off they went to the library.

30 minutes later…

Drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring. Drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring!

I have call display, I see it’s Lovely Wife. All the possibilities run through my mind. Is she hurt, are the kids hurt? What’s wrong?


– Yeeeeeeeees? Are you okay?”

– Hey, look I brought my phone!”

– Are you just calling to let me know that you have your phone?

– Well, ahem…  no. I locked my bike and I didn’t bring my keys.

Of course I drove there to bring her the keys. I think this is the first argument I win in 17 years.

Un peu en exil, étranger dans ma propre ville

So for you not fluent in Quebecer speach, this could be translated as “Slightly exiled, a stranger in my own town”.

I have one of my bestest friend in the whole world visiting me for a couple of days – in fact, I can honestly say that she’s my best female friend in the world – so we did the tourist thing today: we took the Lady Dive tour. For those of you familiar with the Ottawa-Gatineau region, yes: This is the same company that had one of their “ship” sink to the bottom of the Ottawa river a few years back, killing two in the process. One of them was a very nice man that saved a few children before being sucked at the bottom of the river. Sad.  

Anyhoo, we took the tour and it was fairly cool.

But the very cool thing about today, really, is that Lovely Wife is a fairly good friend of Isabelle, and that pleases me a lot. There’s a lot of my friends that Lovely Wife doesn’t like that much (apologies if this applies to you – really!), so when I can find someone I like and Lovely Wife likes, I’m in Heaven with a capital H.

Now if you factor in that my bestest female friend also likes to enjoy a good glass (or bottle) of wine, I’m really in Heaven.

This is a good night.

Drunk-bloggin is awesome.

Internets, I salute you. These are awesome vacations. 😉

The DINK Lifestyle : a recap

Today the kids are coming back home. We did miss them, but tried to stay busy and not mope too much while they were not there. To alleviate the pain (har har) we tried to go out for dinner every single night.

Sunday: Drove back from Sherbrooke and went to see the Dark Knight. Awesome, but New-York Fries was out of fries.

Monday: Went to Les Fougères and had their 14th anniversary tasting menu with the wines. It was excellent. The last time I felt this full was when we went there almost five years ago.

Tuesday: Had dinner at Pub Italia. Pizza was great, mussels were excellent. Beer was really good. I’m thinking this is the perfect spot for an office party.

Wednesday: Dinner at the HRC in Ottawa. As usual, it was pretty good. Long Island Iced Teas for me, some frozen pink drinks for Lovely Wife.

Thursday: We went to Meule et Caquelon, and had a real Raclette du Valais. The service was slow, but the food was good.

Friday: X-Files and fries. That was very good. Yes, I mean the fries.

Saturday: Food at Le Troquet for lunch, and then The Works for dinner. Had a really amazing burger and shared a litre of shake with Lovely Wife. Then we came back home and played American Idol Encore on the Wii. 😉

Now excuse me while I go formulate a plan to lose that extra 10 pounds I just gained typing this recap.


I can’t believe vacations are finally here!

I think pretty much everyone knows about Arbuckle. Today I found this. Garfield is the original LOLCAT.

I think I’m featured on Overheard at the Office. Now I need to find who Allison really is. I’m a little disturbed by this actually. If it’s not me, it means somebody else in Ottawa had the same experience on the same day.

So, what to do during my vacations? Anyone visiting the Gatineau/Ottawa region?

Rotten Easter Eggs

I’m a little pissed right now.

I’ve just read what I call a “Rotten Easter Egg” e-mail. It’s basically an e-mail that was sent to a lot of people telling them to ask my team to do things I specifically said we wouldn’t do.

So now it’s damned if you do, damned if you don’t. What should I do?

And on my last day before vacation too…