It’s getting cold in here.

Sweet sweet coolness.

Our Air Conditioned was installed yesterday. Who am I kidding, this is MY AC! Mine! I’m sure Lovely Wife already hates it, but it’s really hard for her to talk with her scarf over her mouth and nose or event to type with her mittens on. 😉

Today is also the day I return to work after five whole days of time off! Do you know how I know I have a great workplace? Because I kinda miss it. Hold on, I said “kinda”, I didn’t say I spent the last five days crying about not being at work. I miss the people the most of course, but I also miss the actual work. Even when I get to deal with difficult people, try to resolve the same problem over and over or simply have too many things to do, I always find something interesting and amusing about my work. That makes it more than a J-O-B, and that’s why I miss it.

Then my brother blogs about his 60 days of vacation, and I don’t know… Is it  me or is it getting cold in here?


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