It’s a joke!

Okay, seriously.

Who honestly thought that someone in their right mind – someone fit to have a kid – would let me name their kid?

I’m curious… Did I get you or was that too obvious?


On a totally unrelated note, I’m in Las Vegas. It’s fairly hot – but it rained today, apparently that’s quite a happening – the prices are insanely high and everything is really really big.

Including my room. It’s 780 sf.ft. according to the website, and that makes it about 100 sq.ft. smaller than my last 3 bedrooms appartment. There’s a TV in the bathroom. I know they say “what happens in Vegas…” but I think I’m bringing that “TV in the bathroom” concept back home. 😉

For crying out loud, there’s even a phone in the bathroom. That can stay in Vegas. 



  1. @Amanda: I’m starting to like it too. Everything is so much bigger here, it’s amazing.

    @Avitable: Yeah, I thought it was obvious too. The phone in the bathroom can just receive calls, and they didn’t place the bathroom TV in a way that you could watch it from the can. Can’t have it all… 😉

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