Dork Knight

To kick off our week without kids we went to see the Dark Knight Sunday night.

What a great movie.

What wasn’t so great about this night you ask? Well, since you asked.

If your place of business is called New-York Fries,  I wouldn’t expect you to run out of FRIES. You could run out of soft drinks, hot-dogs, apples, but I think you should never ever run out of FRIES. Especially when it’s 20h00 and you still have 20 some movies to go for the night. And if you have the theater manager stand in front of the counter waving his arms around yelling like a mad man that there are no more fries for the night, it doesn’t make it all right. It only makes me pay more attention and see the uncooked fries that you still have in the back of the restaurant, the fries you seem to be keeping for MONDAY during the day. Idiots.

I must say this is not the only place where I couldn’t get the food I thought would be available. I once stopped at KFC and they were out of CHICKEN. They had no chicken salad, no chicken burgers, nothing with the word chicken in (or the actual chicken). The only thing they had left was coleslaw. Now that I think of it, it might have been a blessing in disguise.


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