The DINK Lifestyle : a recap

Today the kids are coming back home. We did miss them, but tried to stay busy and not mope too much while they were not there. To alleviate the pain (har har) we tried to go out for dinner every single night.

Sunday: Drove back from Sherbrooke and went to see the Dark Knight. Awesome, but New-York Fries was out of fries.

Monday: Went to Les Fougères and had their 14th anniversary tasting menu with the wines. It was excellent. The last time I felt this full was when we went there almost five years ago.

Tuesday: Had dinner at Pub Italia. Pizza was great, mussels were excellent. Beer was really good. I’m thinking this is the perfect spot for an office party.

Wednesday: Dinner at the HRC in Ottawa. As usual, it was pretty good. Long Island Iced Teas for me, some frozen pink drinks for Lovely Wife.

Thursday: We went to Meule et Caquelon, and had a real Raclette du Valais. The service was slow, but the food was good.

Friday: X-Files and fries. That was very good. Yes, I mean the fries.

Saturday: Food at Le Troquet for lunch, and then The Works for dinner. Had a really amazing burger and shared a litre of shake with Lovely Wife. Then we came back home and played American Idol Encore on the Wii. 😉

Now excuse me while I go formulate a plan to lose that extra 10 pounds I just gained typing this recap.


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