I had a whole entry in my head about the leaves turning yellow in my backyard. And then it happened.

I received a package at work.

Normally I love to receive packages. Most of the times it means that my t-shirts, my books, or some techie toy has finally arrived. One time I receive a potato and some grape jelly and I couldn’t stop laughing for days.

But today’s package is different. But don’t take my word for it.


If you can’t read, it says “MIKE’S WHORE” in green pen. The lips and eyes are traced UNDER the plastic wrap, the “MIKE’S WHORE” is written on top of the plastic wrap.

I admit that I have a twisted sense of humour, but this is head and shoulders – well, at least head – above anything I would consider funny.

I think it’s a death threat of some kind.



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