I went to see Tropic Thunder on Sunday. After reading Dave‘s review of the movie, I read about the controversy and I simply had to go see the movie.

In case you havn’t figured this out yet, it takes a lot to offend me. I’m like a volcano this way. I can keep all kinds of thinks well-hidden underneath the surface, but when I blow, I blow with tremendous force.

I can only imagine the hits I’ll get from search engines now.

Back to the point: I was not offended by the RETARD scene in Tropic Thunder. In fact, I was not offended by anything I can remember in that movie. Sure, the script could have been funnier in some parts, but that didn’t offend me, I expect this kind of uneveneness from a comedy. The RETARD scene lasts about 30 seconds, and if anything drives the point that all mentally handicapped persons portrayed in the movies are not RETARDS.

Could it have been funnier? Maybe. Was it offensive? Not really.

I found it more offensive to read some comments on this blog.

I’ve worked tirelessly to undo the damage that Ben Stiller did for models in Zoolander. I’ve counseled former newsreaders of Mexican origin post his work in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. Morally outraged superheroes have sought my help ever since the release of 1999’s Mystery Men. I know for a fact that Tenenbaums everywhere no longer sleep on any floor above ground level since The Royal Tenenbaum fiasco of ‘01.

But never, anywhere along the line, until this whole Tropic Thunder affair, did it occur to me that the man’s initials are what they are.

Cheap shot? Yeah. Maybe. I’m so tired of having to bloody re-state why so much of TT is so wrong. Sorry everybody (and I even include ole BS himself in that.)


The damage did for models in Zoolander? Really? Anchorman was Will Farrell, dumbass*. Morally outraged Superheroes? What? The Tenenbaums? Arrrrrgh! Ah, so Ben Stiller’s initials are B.S. wow, that’s pretty smart. What a zinger! Well played sir, well played.

What the FRAK?

*it is noted on the same blog that replacing the word RETARD with dumbass would’ve made things acceptable.



  1. I saw it before I heard there was any “controversy” and I didn’t notice anything offensive. At all.

    I’m still not totally sure what is supposed to be offensive. Is it the simple jack stuff? Is it the scene with robert downey jr where they say moronic and stuff?

    Amandas last blog post..

  2. I think that quote you pulled had to be tongue-in-cheek, though.

    The scene was quite obviously parodying the reasons that actors pursue mentally challenged roles and the bluntness with which they analyze those roles. It wasn’t offensive in the slightest.

    I saw it twice and loved it both times – it’s a very sharp satire about the movie industry and I thought it was brilliant.

    Avitables last blog post..Fucking hurricane pussies cocksucking shitburger

  3. I still feel that they were laughing AT those with mental handicaps more than laughing WITH them. It wasn’t the use of “retard” that made me feel this way… it was more the deal with Matthew McConaughey’s son than anything. It put everything else into context, and made the “Simple Jack” stuff seem like an outright slam towards the mentally handicapped. They could have handled it better… using it for the purpose it was set up for in the first place (mentally handicapped roles are Oscar bait), but instead they let it degenerate into ridicule.

    It’s not like I think the movie should be boycotted or anything, I just think it could have been smarter about handling a sensitive subject. I still enjoyed the film, and will absolutely be adding it to my DVD collection.

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