Just when you think you’re having a crappy day…

On Monday I got home and found a letter from my son’s afterschool program waiting for me.

The letter was basically to inform us that during the summer, someone broke into the school and stole the afterschool safe.

No big deal, I thought. WRONG. Turns out that in the safe were also post dated cheques that parents gave the program last JUNE. WTF? Who the hell asks for post-dated cheques and then just leaves them in a safe for the whole summer? Isn’t the whole point of post-dated cheques to get them to the bank as soon as you get them and then forget about them?

So we phoned our bank, and they recommended that we close our account and open a new one. Because, you know, there’s someone out there with my bank account number and my signature. Ghaaaaaaa! That means that all my mortgage payments, my student loans, and our automatic deposits are to be transferred to a new account. Obviously this will not happen overnight, and it potentially means a break in our revenue stream or worst, some other payments might not go through if they still try to use the old accounts.

After talking face to face with a bank representative, we decided to simply go with stopping cheque #127 in the amount of 42$ for… 10$. Tomorrow we have to call the afterschool’s people to ask them what ELSE was in that safe. I’m worried that maybe our Social Insurance Numbers were in there – they use our SIN for tax purposes. Fingers crossed that nothing else was in there.

But there’s worst out there:

Added insult to injury for victim of Norbourg scandal
Mon, 2008-08-18 13:45.
Tim Parent
Added insult to injury for one of the victims of the Vincent Lacroix.
69-year-old Michel Vezina, a pensioner who had to find work to recover the 300-thousand dollars he lost in the Norbourg scandal, was given some positive news by liquidators Ernst & Young.

Ernst & Young had agreed on distributing $31-million to about 5,600 investors who were among those the hardest hit.

It sent a letter to Vezina saying it would repay him 84-thousand dollars but, as it turns out, the decimal was in the wrong place and instead, Vezina will get only 840-dollars.

No word if other victims also received letters with the wrong decimal point. 


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  1. Have you, as a fellow Little Computer Person, ever allowed your mind to wander to The Future and realize we’re all screwed if our identity is so easily stolen? I don’t even trust the services which claim to PROTECT your identity — because someone’s just gonna target THEM too.

    Poppys last blog post..Guest Popster poster again

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