Kill! Kiiiiiiiill!

Spent most of Sunday catching up on my Order of the Stick reading. I can’t believe I had stopped reading around #300 (it’s up to #587 now).

Then Lovely wife watched “Genius Child” and I wanted to kill one FRAKIN ANNOYING LITTLE BASTARD. That kid apparently has an IQ of 170, but can’t chew with his mouth closed.


You can have all the smarts you want, but if you can’t FRAKIN CHEW WITH YOUR MOUTH CLOSED you start with a huge minus 5,000 on your IQ test.

And I recognize that I’m partly at fault here. I just can’t stand people chewing with their mouth open, or making those smacking sounds as they chew. I’m serious, I’m certain ths is some part of an OCD that I have. When people eat that way, I become really angry, I can feel the adrenaline in my arms, I start sweating and most of the time I have to leave the room before I say something I’ll regret or punch someone in the face.

Just writing about this makes me feel really angry.

Am I alone in this?


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