My… (really, his)

Avitable created his own meme. Link back to him if you decide to do it yourself:

My favorite age: 24

My best friend: Martin (hi buddy!)

My celebrity crush: I don’t crush on celebrities.

My defining characteristic: I’m me.

My most evil moment: I had a whole summer of evilness in 1991.

My favorite food: Pizza.

My grossest injury: My left ear got ripped out when I was 8.

My biggest hatred: Idiots.

My most illegal activity: I copied most of my X-Box games.

My need for justice: I’m fairly mellow, but if you lie to me you’re done.

My most knowledgeable field: People.

My life’s goal: Staying happy.

My mother’s influence: She taught me to make the right choices, despite the possible consequences.

My nerdiest point: Been playing D&D for 27 years.

My oldest memory: Playing outside. I was 2.

My perfect date: Good food, good wine, great conversation.

My unanswered question: Who are these fruits?

My random fact: I memorize the weirdest things: my old phone numbers, licence plates..

My stupidest decision: Saying yes to “Would you like fries with that?”.

My favorite television show: Cancelled: Arrested Development / Minuit, le soir. Current: Dexter / The Office.

My style of underwear: Boxer briefs. I wear them around like shorts (me too!).

My favorite vegetable: Hearts of palm.

My weakest trait: I’m sensitive.

My X-men power: I steal your powers. All of them.

My strongest yearning: To sing the opera.

My moment of Zen: Reading.



  1. @Avi: Well, there’s a few celebrities I find attractive, but I don’t have a crush on them. What’s your definition of crush?

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