Not me!

Remember a few months back, I had a thing called “Look like Mike”, where I would show pictures of people who looked just like me  (or not so much)?

Well this guy takes the cake!


He’s the owner/CIO/Webmaster of The top frame changes every time you reload the page, but if you go there you can see it in action, if you reload enough times. 😉

I think I have to buy that shirt to get a comparable shot…


Pretty close, right?

Mom, Dad; Anything to tell me?



  1. You are not human, mon and dad are in THE RAELIENS and they’r cloning you in every country in the world. Bam Bam bigelow is also your brother

  2. @The Brother: You’re Bam Bam Bigelow? Damn! Maybe I should add him as a possible Halloween costume. 😉

    @Poppy: Why would I want to get out of my job? What would I blog about then? Plus I wouldn’t get the free trips around the world… Orlando soon!

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