One bullet short of a full gun (5)

  • Feel the luv: Coudonc viande – that’s quebecer talk for WTF – how many versions of CommentLuv am I behind? It seems every time I open WordPress I need to install a new version.
  • Normal friends: Spent the week-end at Martin and Maude’s place. We got to think about our “old” friends. Who’s normal? Of course, after a few bottles of wine we decided we were the only normal ones. What about you, do you have many normal friends? Are you the crazy/weird one? Do you think I’m normal? Heheheehehehe.
  • The “ock” bullet: Playing Rockband rocks! Missing the microphone sucks. I can’t stand to watch Chuck. I’m writing these while on the clock. Yes, I thought about making one end with cock.
  • Aladdin’s lamp: I wish I could teleport to places so I could see people I miss on a regular basis. Stopping time or travelling really fast would also be acceptable alternatives.
  • Panhandlers (with Venti cups): If you paid 6$ for a coffee and you’re asking me for change, you’re delusional. If you went to Starbucks and asked for a Venti cup to gather money, you’re either very confidant in your abilities – and that does not make me want to give you money – or you’re not really in need of money. Maybe you have some marketing degree and there’s a logic to it. Furthermore, if I paid 6$ for coffee, do you think I have any money left for you? Maybe you asked for an “empty” cup and they heard “Venti”?

In pure Call of Cthulhu tradition, I’ll keep the last bullet for myself for when the actual madness comes.


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