The speed of smell

Yesterday I went to one of my old watering holes in Sherbrooke: The King Hall.

I started going to the King Hall when I was 16, and things have not changed that much since I first started goin there. Granted, I’m now much older and much wiser (stop laughing), but that’a about the only change noticeable.

When I walked in, the smell of the place – old beer, old smoke and 80’s music – instantly took me back 21 years.

I marveled at the large selection of beers and spirits, now I just thought the beverage menu was too complex. Like PC remarked: “If you were to do Eeny meeny miny moe, you wouldn’t get to one quarter of the first page”.  I liked the music, now it’s too loud.

It’s not easy being a 16 year-old kid trapped in the body of a 37 year-old man.


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