Baby you can drive my car…

Lovely Wife has a hard time driving and not getting lost.

Google Maps estimated 28 minutes between our house and the Lone Star.


sunThis is where we live.


forkThis is the restaurant Lovely Wife was aiming for.


warningThis is where she finally decided to call home to get directions. After driving two hours. From a pay phone because she did not bring her cellphone.


And people wonder why it stresses me to leave her alone with the kids for a week or two.



  1. Oh my god. I have DONE this! I needed to get from university to home. it was supposed to be a fifteen minute drive. three hours later I called my grandma crying. I had bought two different maps and had tried twice to get home. In the end, my uncle had to come and let me follow him home.

    Wow. that was 12 years ago and they are STILL laughing at me. Obviously my family are assholes

    bluepaintreds last blog post..Just one of the sacrifices I have to make, living in Canada

  2. @BluePaintRed: Well, I once wrote a note in the dark to my parents, and to this day they still don’t believe that it was just dark and that I wasn’t drunk at that point. It’s been 21 years now. That being said, we still bug my mom about the Ronald McDonald incident, and that was easily 25 years ago. It all evens out. 😉

  3. @Brandon: If we ever get a GPS, I hope I’ll have the option to print whatever route she takes. Yes, that means that I think she will get lost EVEN WITH A GPS!!! 😉

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