I say we rename it Meh-day.

Who’s with me? Anyone?

I actually want to blog about my Sunday, but I think it’s somewhat off limits at this point. Let’s just say that I went to a baby shower, and it was interesting. 😉 My RPG session was good, if a little rushed. The dice did not roll in my favor this time. Still it was fun. I like playing but i miss running. Damn.

I like the new group. They’re all a bunch of weirdos, so we mesh well together. 😉

So on to Monday.

The day started fairly well, I got up and dressed in time to leave early enough to drop Kids at school, Lovely Wife at work and then get to work early. I don’t have much to say about work per say, but it could’ve been better. Tomorrow is another day. But, I did receive my Twilight saga [box set]. Squeeee! Goodbye free nights!

I then went to my monthly spine un-twisting. turns out I’m fairly well adjusted. Yes, I’m just talking about my spine here.

And that when things started to get to me. Normally I’m fairly cool with my kids, but it seems that lately they are very hard to follow, and it gets even harder to anticipate their reactions.

My son is alterning between the nicest little kid in the world to an evil horned monster breathing fire. He’ll do the coolest things and two seconds later he’ll say “My ass!”. Apparently all the 7 year-old at school do it. I almost used the classic line “if they jump off a bridge”, but thought better of it. He gives me his report card – he’s doing great – and while I’m looking at hos report card he’s trying to rip is binder apart. “Why would you do that?”. Of course, he doesn’t know.

My daughter is also a rollercoaster of coolness and nastiness. She keeps forgetting things. Tonight she forgot – again – the books she needed to do her homework. All her books. So I send her to bed. I was so mad I could’ve grounded her for a whole frakin’ year.

Le sigh.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

P.S. I’d like to thank the evil Rémi for sending me a link to World of Goo. I was looking for a time-waster, but I didn’t think a game so simple could be so addictive.



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