And I have nothing to post about.

Oh wait.

Sarcastica gave me link love back! W00t!

I could pretend that I was Guest 5 from the Secondhand Tryptophan Radio Chatroom. That might get me into trouble. What was that about? Is there a transcript? I should start listening to Karl.

Lovely Wife forgot the towels in the dryer this when washing them this week – without drying them. She said she rewashed them, but stinky me would beg to differ. So I’m sitting here freshly washed but a bit stinky. Hopefully, I can use some body spray and make things better.

My downstairs bathroom really needs to be redone. I can see water damage on the ceiling – coming from the upstairs bathroom – and flaking paint. I guess that means the upstairs one needs to be redone first.

7 days before the Neverwas Fair! I can’t wait. But that reminds me that I need to get my but in gear this weekend for my trip to Orlando! I still haven’t heard from Jester about the hotel confirmations…

And with this, I get to go drop the Kids at school and bus my a$$ to work. Later on Twitter!



  1. Even if they do go through the wash just once more, they still stick. You either gotta load up the soap or load up the dryer sheets to get rid of the stink, or put them through the wash more than once. I’ve done that before 🙂 haha

    Sarcasticas last blog post..I lurrve your blawg!

  2. I don’t think you’ll get an official confirmation from the hotel. However, I can confirm that they have your reservation. You can also call the hotel directly… if you need the number, let me know!

    jesters last blog post..1986 Me

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