If you’re reading this it means I’m dead.

Or that there’s no Internet at the hotel and conference. Either way, I’m in Hell. 😉

Of course I’m not really dead, and there is wireless access in my hotel room, although it seems to be going down more often then a 2$ whore the price of gas love in an elevator a midget at a steakhouselet’s just say it’s going down a lot. That midget one doesn’t even make sense, except I had an amazing Porter steak tonight. Miam!

Anyhoo, back to the matter at hand: My room is equipped with a “Sleep Number” bed. The controls are fairly difficult to master, especially after a couple (triple?) of Scotches, a couple of beers and the biggest steak I ever had – all right, it was only 22 ounces, and I didn’t have to finish it within the hour, but still.

Adjusting the bed is really complex. Plus, it makes a vacuum noise like there’s no tomorrow! It’s insane! I was laughing so hard I’m sure my next door neighbor thinks I’m a crazy dude. Did I mention my neighbor is my boss? If worst comes to worst, there’s two beds in my room, I guess I could always sleep on the other one.

This is not the Palazzo. I think I’m forever spoiled when it comes to hotel rooms, after having experienced the extravaganza that was Las Vegas. What about you? What’s your best hotel experience?

I know this is a loaded question. 😉



  1. OK. You need to record yourself giggling about the bed. Seriously.

    My best hotel experience? That would have to be on my small-ass but comfortable-as-hell bunk on the scuba diving live-aboard yacht in the Turks and Caicos. Ahhhh, pure heaven, the ocean rocking the boat, and me, to sleep.

    I shoulda been in the Navy.

    Coal Miner’s Granddaughters last blog post..Just-a ‘Stachin’

  2. @Poppy: You probably can’t imagine how much of a geek I felt like when I had to explain to other IT people around the table that I was tweeting, and what was twitter was about. Well, maybe you can. 😉

    @CMG: You got me on the hotel experience. I’m not a diver, but I really envy you right now.

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