This begs the question:



Full recap of Orlando sometimes this week. Tomorrow if I’m not frozen solid. 😉 Maybe.



  1. Wait, you have a blackberry? I could have sworn I saw you using an iPhone. Or in Canada is “blackberry” another word for iPhone?

    And were you the one I was talking to about Dexter? I thought it was Karl, but he seemed clueless when I asked him about it… I probably should never drink again.

    OH! and it was awesome meeting you! I promise I can be a lot more sober than how I was this past weekend, but um, same time next year? eh? (and I’ve said “eh” long before I knew it was a Canada thing, so I promise I’m just ‘jumping on the bandwagon’)

    Ok, too much rambling for this post… I ramble. 🙂

    Janelles last blog post..I’m here. I hate WordPress. Florida here I come!

  2. @Sheila CSR: Weak? I’m just far from Orlando. Sell coats? We kill our own bears and deers to make winter clothing.

    @Janelle: I’m a BBB (Blackberry Bold) kinda dude. You didn’t talk to e about Dexter, but I love that show.

    @Nat: Welcome! So Dave is sending peeps over… Sweet! J’habite la région d’Ottawa maintenant, mais du côté du Québec. Je ne retourne pas à Sherbrooke.

  3. @Janelle: LOL. It wasn’t me, but I agree with the Dexter-y commetn on the feel of the restaurant.

    @Becky: Sometimes it goes down to -30C (-22F). How cold does it get around your place? Maybe I should move south. And skinning a bear is hilarious, if you’re not the bear!

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