Just like Christmas in November

This my friends is the recap to end all recaps.

This past weekend, Orlando was hosting one of the biggest events in the whole world. I was fortunate enough to be in the neighborhood for this conference, so I made a point to attend what the blogosphere will be talking about for the next 12 months.

I’m talking, of course, about Vulkon Orlando’s Fall Sci-Fi Expo2008.

How great was this really? Vulkon was right at my hotel, Trekkies all around the lobby, slowly moving around the autographed pictures and fake betleH – everyone knows those will exist for real later – real katanas and trading cards of various sorts. Music by Sci-Fry nicely completed the ensemble.

Fans traveled from all over the world – making them Trekkies and trekkers all rolled up in one. Just to think that an event could unite people from different part of the Globe makes me all happy inside. Think of the commitment of the fans. There’s no other community like this one.

They even had a bar, aptly called “the Warp Core”. By using all kinds of wall-covering and props, they made a simple storage room look like a place I would want to be a regular patron, a kind of Norm of the future if you will. I can’t imagine the prep time – months, I’m sure they plan these things months in advance – required to make the magic happen. And it happened, let me tell you! I can’t think of one single even in recent memory that could compare to that bar. You had to be there.

Manga Girl was nice enough to sneak us in, so we could bask in the Trekkies’ awesomeness before all the other geeks started arriving. I felt like a BIG (Big Important Geek). It’s recursive like PHP, and how awesome is that?

My only regret is that the Lobby Bar was not Mobile Scooter accessible. I’m sure those less mobile Trekkies would’ve enjoyed the great drinks mixed by Marcus, and his Warp 9 witty barman banter. Delicious.

I give Vulkon 2008 a Captain rating (4 gold pips out of 4).

If you were at Vulkon 2008, you can proudly display this badge on your website.


Oh yeah, and I went to some bloggers’ Halloween party. It was okay I guess.



  1. @CMG: I try, I try!

    @Turnbaby: *blushing*

    @SheilaCSR: How could they reject you from Charm School, seriously? 😀 I might make “Evil Phlegm Monster from a faraway galaxy” my new tagline.

    @BPR: I thought you liked Star Trek? 😉

    @Becky: Until Vulkon 2009, my friend.

    @Hilly: You rule!

    @Avitable: Right back at you, Fucker. 😉

  2. Well, way back in the day, about twenty years ago or so, when I was going to Charm School, they didn’t have Sharon Osbourne giving me tips on how to act like a lady.

    After being kicked out of Charm School and dropping out of the girl scouts, my mother threw her hands up in despair and gave up on me. Thus, I am this way and it is all.her.fault. LOL

    Sheila (Charm School Reject)s last blog post..What Happens In Florida, Stays In Florida

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