Spring Forward, Fall Back!

We recently turn the clock back one hour. I can’t seem to adjust to the “new” time. I’m always tired, I can’t seem to focus on anything, I’m impatient and I’m grumpy.

I can’t seem to catch a break at work. Not only do we have this massive project going on, but it seems the other departments that are supposed to help us are hindering us any way that they can. Couple that with my grumpiness, impatience and lack of focus: Instant recipe for disaster. Someone commented that an email I sent about him was a little edgy, so I showed him the one I didn’t sent. That didn’t go well.

I’m having a “manager’s lunch” on Friday where I’ll need to flex my managerial muscles to another manager. I hate doing this, but the “over lunch” part seems to make it easier. I know it’s not really that guy’s fault, but it’s his job to make things happen for me, and he’s not delivering. That sucks big time.

I feel like I’m falling apart.

What’s a guy to do.

Well, I just booked some time off. I’ll have a few days off next week and I’ll finish a couple of days earlier at Christmas time. I’m hoping these couple of days next week will bring me back in sync with the rest of the world.

And because I peaked at the TV…

I absolutely hate “Jon and Kate plus 8”. Well actually I hate Kate. Maybe hate is too strong of a word. I find Kate frakin’ annoying. I absolutely don’t understand how Jon can tolerate that woman. Nothing they do is ever simple, just watching them makes me super tired. And she’s always complaining! I also don’t understand what LovelyWife gets out of this TV program. This is the cause of many discussion in the LeSombre/LovelyWife household.

But not tonight. I’m just too out of it.



  1. I still can’t get a hold of the time difference too. I’ve skipped Math class twice this week and we only had it 3 days this week because I couldn’t wake up.

    It’s probably not helping that I’m staying up later and later to get the homework that I put off until the last minute done either.

    Sarahs last blog post..It’s Friends and Family time again

  2. 1st, I might just have to start stalking Kevin from now on. I was born in AZ and that place will always, always hold a special place in my heart. Funny that in all the time I’ve been in bloggerworld, never come across someone from AZ, that I knew of anyway.

    Ok, back to YOU though…

    It’s not just you (or Sarah from her comment) I can’t stop yawning! I thought it was just me. Thank goodness for you two to let me know it isn’t. I too am very cranky and getting madder by the day at certain things that shouldn’t matter at all. I don’t feel like doing anything at work… been putting off my 1st of the month crap that I do (and it’s now the 6th). I think I might do it today. That might help me feel less cranky because I know it won’t be hanging over my head… ok, starting to ramble.

    As far as Jon and Kate plus 8, can’t STAND her! What is he doing with her!?!?!? I stopped watching because that show would just make me so freakin’ mad. She is a horrible wife, in my opinion. I think my hubby would slap her silly and if I acted like her, I would want my hubby to slap me silly! 🙂 I kid, I kid, my hubby would never hurt me, no matter how much of an assmunch I was.

    And have you seen the other show where the family has like 17 kids that all start with the letter “j”? Can’t watch that one either for the same reason I can’t watch Rachel Ray, the wife is TOO happy, never gets mad, and never yells. I cannot relate. Anyone THAT happy is hiding something (or taking some really awesome drugs).

    I mean, I understand happy, I’m happy, sorta, but THAT happy… nope. Can’t relate.

    Janelles last blog post..So, um, can we move Halloween to a different date?

  3. @Nat: Hey, I’m not that old! 😉

    @Sarah: I say we should get an extra day every 24 years. Would that work?

    @Kevin Spencer: You’re special, and now you get Janelle. Hehehehehehe.

    @Janelle: Wow, I’m so tired I fell asleep in the middle of your comment. I KID, I KID! I’ve seen that other show, but I don’t watch it. Normally LovelyWife watches TV while I read (a book, blogs), so I can catch glimpses of the TV.I like Rachel Ray.

    @Janelle: It was pretty long. Don’t do it again. 😉

  4. I think that it must be some karma type thing coming back to bite us all in the ass for having such an amazing weekend. Seriously, this really has been the worst week ever, as far as work goes. On the plus side, my home life is a lot more satisfying than it was before the trip. I guess it evens out. No, not really I guess because I’m at work more hours than I am at home awake. ::le sigh:: (See, I’ve been practicing my french!)

    Sheila (Charm School Reject)s last blog post..I’ve Created a Monster

  5. @Ajooja: That might be the only way to shut her up, but I’m afraid she would still bitch and complain while you’re at it. I say you should put her in your “Fuck, Kill, Mary” game and see how the cookie crumbles. 😉

    @La SheilaCSR: Karma is a bitch with a capital C. Le sigh indeed.

    @My Host Provider: Hey, you didn’t change the time on the server! 😀

  6. What’s sad is I’ve been beat each night and totally forgot about the time change. In my defense, I’ve not had any caffeine since Sunday afternoon. (You know, any that hasn’t snuck in via some non-coffee or pop item.)

    delmers last blog post..Let’s Vote

  7. Move to the States. None of us go to work before 9 or 10 … and then we don’t actually start doing any *real* work until 11 or 11:30. We knock off for lunch at noon and sneak out for home around 3.

    We have a saying here that describes the American worth ethic to a tee: Il est nee le divine enfant. Vive le vent, vive le vent, vive le vent d’hiver.

    delmers last blog post..Gynecomastia

  8. I’m a little late to the game on this post, but your Jon & Kate comment made me laugh. Because my husband said basically the exact same thing about Kate tonight as I was complaining about how it seems is that all you have to be the parents of multiple sets of multiples to be qualified to have a reality show about your life on TLC. I don’t understand the appeal…

    suzes last blog post..i’m beginning to be glad i’m the tortoise and not the hare…

  9. @SheilaCSR: 😉

    @Suze: Hey there, Exactly! BTW, welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere. I quickly glanced at your blog, and I’ll be reading more soon, because it’s a weird thing but… I’m also a Mike, my LovelyWife is Susie and you kinda look like her a bit. 😉 Except we have kids, not cats. Mmmm.

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