Stuck in the middle with you

Will this week ever end?

Yes it will.

Well look at that. Looks like it finally happened.

What’s that?

Sounds like I finally lost it completely.

Why do you say that?

Well, it seems that I’m having a conversation with myself here.

And that troubles you?

Well, yes, it troubles me.

But it doesn’t trouble me.

Are you sure?

No, but I decided not to pay attention to this strange behaviour.

I think this is fascinating.

So do I. Are you surprised?

Well not really, you’re half my brain, really.

Am I? I think you’re half MY brain.


Nah, I’m right. You’re left.

I left?

You’ve been gone for a while, I think.

Damn. I was afraid of that.

Don’t be afraid, it’s all in your mind.

Sometimes I feel i’m having a conversation
with an online bot, but after a while
I start thinking that I’m the bot.
Who’s the other guy?

What does that mean?



  1. I had this nice, witty retort all ready to go for this blog. Then I went and made the mistake of reading the comments section. You love your wife? What? When did this happen? That’s not what you said the other night when you flew your plane to Chicago to see me.

    Shit. My husband reads blogs now too. Our secret is out and I’m heartbroken.

    ::le sob:: ::le cry:: ::le pout:: ::le run from ze room to, uh, how you say, le sob, le cry, le pout::

    Sheila (Charm School Reject)s last blog post..I’ve Created a Monster

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