Fully Regenerated!

Here we go again. 😉

I’m back at work, fully regenerated. Here’s a recap of my 4-day weekend.

Saturday: Got up at 8:00, took a shower and gave a lift to the airport to the Beaster. Drove back home and spent the rest day Twittering and Stumbling Upon stuff. Killed a bottle of Dalwhinnie Distiller’s Edition. Wow, that was productive. 😉

Sunday: Got up at 1:15, read some blogs, commented on some blogs, watched some PVR’d shows. Went back to bed at 3:00. Started the day at 7:00, took a shower and went grocery shopping with the family. We hunted for a bit for a guitar Hero World Tour kit, without success. Since my D&D game got cancelled, spent the rest of the day reading, Twittering and Stumbling Upon stuff, until we discovered that the kids had headlice. Went to the clinic, bought some Nix and proceeded to wash everything we own, shampoo the kids. I shaved my son’s head – LovelyWife was a little mad but my son was so happy! Went to bed around 22:30.

Monday: Woke up at 2:00. Watched some TV, read some blogs and went back to bed at 4:45. Got up at 6:45, took the kids to school and dropped the car at the body shop for repairs. Came back home at 7:30 and spent 7 hours cleaning the house. Remind me not to take time off when I’m all by myself and i have no car to go anywhere. But the house is beautiful now! Picked-up the car at 15:00, drove back home and cleaned some more. LovelyWife came home around 16:30 and complained that I left a garbage bag near the door at 16:31. Took a shower. Read and Twittered. Went to bed around 22:00.

Tuesday: Once again, woke up at 1:45 (stuffed nose). Watched some TV, PVR’d stuff and read some blogs. Went back to bed around 4:40. At 5:20 I shut off the Blackberry alarm and went back to sleep. Got up at 9:45, had breakfast and took a shower. Went shopping with LovelyWife at 10:30. We didn’t buy anything. Went to see Eagle Eye (meh) and had some fries at the theater. Came home, picked up the kids from school and had dinner. Kids had a letter telling us that they have headlice at school. Letter was dated last Thursday. Good to know. Third round of head checks revealed no critters in kids hair. Watched hockey game (Mtl won 4-0).

It’s now 22:17 and I’m debating if I should just go to bed or peak at my work e-mail. 😉 I think I’ll be cool and just go to bed.

And that my friends, is the life of a Rockstar.



  1. Wait, Wait, Wait, the whole “Life of a Rockstar” that is my tag line. There can only be room for one famous person in this relationship and since I drink the best stuff known to man, AKA Coke, They have the coke cola bears- how can one not just LOVE coke for that and that alone. And wasn’t Santa Clause invented by coke or something like that? Anywho… my other saying is that “funny trumps all” and your are kinda funny -I suppose- so we can still be friends, if you want to. 🙂

    Janelles last blog post..THE Most Exciting Post EVER!

  2. I just saw in your blogroll you read Cynical Dad, me too! I just thought was kinda cool, I have yet to see him on any other blogroll…unless I just keep missing him.

    Ok, I messed with the whole, “one comment” a day thing… I won’t leave one for tomorrow to make up for my two for today.

    Janelles last blog post..THE Most Exciting Post EVER!

  3. Ok, this is really messing up the whole one comment per day code, but your first line of this post says, “I’m back at work, fully regenerated.”…. yeah, it’s like 10:39pm here, meaning it’s like 11:39pm there, right?

    I think you are starting your post out with a lie and hum… it’s a good thing I lie too or that might be a deal breaker.

    Janelles last blog post..THE Most Exciting Post EVER!

  4. @Janelle: Stalker! I think The Donald trumps all. I thought your tagline was about eating cookies?

    @Janelle: Stalker! STALKER! No comment tomorrow… That gives me an idea for a post then. 😉

    @Janelle: STALKER! STALKER! LOL. Heck, it’s 11:39 there right now. My posts “fire up” at midnight for my time zone.

    @Whall: Yeah, what’s up with that?

    @Sarah: I’m still scratching my head about your comment. 😉 Hehehehehehehehehe.

  5. Do all Canadians use military time or is it just you? I’d guess that it’s just you – I’m sure you’re laughing your head off at the image of me counting off on my fingers to figure out what the hell time you are talking about.

    I love that you busted ass all day cleaning, felt all proud of yourself, just KNEW that LovelyWife was gonna bestow all sorts of goodies upon you and, then, all you hear is “You left a garbage bag by the door.” Typical, typical woman. I guess Canadians aren’t that different after all.

    BTW – Janelle has good point up there. You are a polar bear, yes? Yet you drink Pepsi. But everyone knows that polar bears are part of the Coca-Cola Cult. [I’m just pulling your leg. It doesn’t matter what you drink, you’re still a polar bear in my eyes. Awwwww…..]

    Sheila (Charm School Reject)s last blog post..I Left My Heart in San Francisco

  6. @Sheila: Well, the education system changed here when I was six and we learned that time was from 00:00 to 23:59. Now, it might just be a French Quebecer thing. We’re pretty messed up in Canada when it comes to units, for example on the plane it would say: “Airspeed: 475 km/h. Altitude: 30,000 feet.” On the news they will say “It’s going to be -12oC and we expect 6 inches of snow”. I guess we use the Meh-tric system. 😉

    @CMG: I’m flying the horns right now.

  7. @Sheila: Trust me, that was my serious answer. 😉 The education system really changed when I was in first grade, and we stopped learning time in the “a quarter to 4 p.m.” format and started learning time as “15:45”. We also changed the way we learn to spell, but I’m afraid I can’t convey that through a written comment. Seriously. Quebec is famous for his education reforms.

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