I might get in trouble for this


Well, I thought I was original and whatnot with my Venn Diagrams, but this goes to show: It’s very hard to come up with an idea that has not already been done, and done in a brilliant way to boot. Darn.

In other news…

– Got my winter tires on today. The Rogue has 9550 kms. Funny how I’ll use my blog to keep track of how many kilometers I use my winter tires. I hope I can keep them for 4 years. How many kilometers should winter tires last anyways?

– Renovations on the house are almost done. Siding is done, new eavesdrops are in, windows are installed and the inside casings are installed (as of Thursday night). There’s just a few things left to do before winter really sets in, like re-attach my chiller power line to the side of the house, caulk the new light fixtures, clean one window casing inside, install the windows moldings and re install the exterior water faucet. I’d like to find new doorknobs, but I can’t find the color and finish I want. There’s also the mailbox issue that needs to be addressed. When springs rolls around, we’ll do the fence and hopefully the Spa/Pool. Almost there.

– And just like that, I’m gone!



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