La farniente

That’s it, I’m doing nothing.

I was supposed to do all kinds of stuff this weekend, and I’m instead doing nothing. I’ll go get a few nice bottles of wine, and I’ll spend the whole weekend reading a few books and drinking a few glasses of wine. 

I might go see Bolt with the kids tomorrow.

Yay me!


  1. Good luck on doing nothing! I keep planning to do nothing as well, but never get ’round to it… BUT I decided that next weekend is MY relaxing weekend. Only going out to do fun things, no work..

    Let me know how good it was so I can look forward to my weekend next week! 🙂

    DutchBitchs last blog post..Emergency! Paging Dr Beat!

  2. @DutchBitch: I think the new rule will be that EVERY weekend is a farniente weekend! 😉

    @Karl: It’s working out great at this point! 😉

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