Can’t blog…

Playing Guitar Hero World Tour on my Wii.


I Rock!



  1. @Janelle: I’m not rubbing it in really. I’m just really happy! And there is a friend code in the game, so if you get GHWT we’ll be able to jam together.

    Speaking of rockstar, the side of the box says “Unleash your inner rockstar” and they translated that in French by “Réveille le guitariste qui sommeille en toi!”, which is more along the lines of “unleash the guitar player in you”. Weird.

  2. ARE YOU SERIOUS! We’d be able to play together! Awesome! And by “play together” do you mean that we can like, compete with each other so that I can prove that I am indeed the true rockstar (or ultimate “guitar player”) …. and don’t forget to ask Santa for that Mario Kart or whatever that game was. I’ll know it when I see it. Oh! Can all kinds of people play together like me you and Becky? I know Becky has a Wii, not sure who else has a Wii … well besides EVERYONE but ME!

    Janelles last blog post..For Mike

  3. @Janelle: As far as I can tell, yes we’ll be able to do battles to see who’s the ultimate Rockstar. Don’t worry, you’ll get your Wii.

  4. @SheilsCSR: If you could see the videos I took while my son was drumming, you’ll get the appeal right away. I apologize for confusing your family. 😉

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