Day: December 5, 2008


I forgot to pimp my Christmas cards extravaganza thing! If you want some kind of card / postcard from me, just send me an e-mail at mike at lesombre dot ca and I’ll send you a little something something in the mail.


I can make it last two hours

Fun or not?

Hollywood blockbuster (Quantum of Solace): Fun.

Hollywood blockbuster (Twilight): Not. If you only read one review of Twilight, read this one.

Dentist appointment: Not.

*wiggle eyebrows*: Fun. Or not.

Bus ride home that normally takes 30 minutes: Not. At. All.

From CBC: “A key commuter link between Ottawa and Gatineau has been closed indefinitely to both vehicles and pedestrians in both directions, causing confusion and extra congestion during Thursday’s morning rush.

Public Works Canada shut the interprovincial Chaudière Bridge, which connects Ottawa’s Booth Street and Gatineau’s Eddy Street just west of downtown Ottawa, just before 9 p.m. Wednesday. The department said engineers found problems with the masonry around the arches of the bridge during a routine inspection. Experts continued to assess the damage Thursday.”

ot-081204-police-chaudiere-bridgeA little video of the traffic this morning. It’s about 45 minutes long. 

For some obscure reason, I wasn’t late this morning, but the ride back home at 17:00 was really painful. I got home at 19:10. I normally get home at 17:50.

First there was that guy who after listening to me call LovelyWife to let her know I was going to be late, realized he should do the same for his SO. He wanted to borrow my Blackberry to call home and text another friend that he was going to be late. Apparently, I still look too friendly.

Random guy who wanted to use my phone. on TwitPic

By some strange twist of fate, I had my trusty flask of Scotch with me. It’s not the “Meh” flask, I’m still waiting for that order to come in.

It's all cool when you have Scotch! on TwitPic

Let me explain that I’m not usually carrying a flask (but I might from now on), I only have this on me because K-Girl got herself a nice Glenmorangie and wanted me to have some since it’s one brand that I never tasted before.

Thinking about it... on TwitPic

You can see I’m clearly thinking about it. But I didn’t. And I get to do this all over again today. Sheesh.

I apologize for those of you who are disappointed that this post was about a bus ride after all.