Day: December 12, 2008

I’ll cook lamb!

But first, I’ll make sure I have my winter tires on! 

You see, during the most excellent Karl’s SecondHand Radio Show yesterday – available on iTunes – a heated debate between me and myself about winter tires. Basically, Sci-Fi Dad from tales from the dad side said something along the line of “if you know how to drive, you don’t need winter tires” and I freaked out a bit.

I totally disagree.

I’ll start by saying that I agree that having to pass a law forcing cars to have snow tires between December 15th and March 15 is completely stupid, but unfortunately necessary. In the same vein, it’s stupid to have laws that say “you sould not steal”. Seems to be obvious enough right?

Unless you know enough about driving in winter conditions that you will decide to stay the fuck home when temperature drops below a specific temperature (depending on your tires it varies from -7 to -13 for all seasons), because you know your tires don’t grip the road below that threshold? Nobody can do that right? So get winter tires!

There was also a comment made about allowing people to drive with summer / all seasons in the winter would be some kind of Darwinian’s “survival of the fittest” selection. That sounds like a real good joke until someone runs your kid over. 


Of all tings to be passionate about, I had to pick winter tires. 

Now where’s that lamb?