Knock three times

While visiting Orlando – that seems a lifetime ago – I sang this song with Sheila. I mentioned that I didn’t know the original version of the song, but that a French version existed when I was a young kid and got all kinds of puzzled expressions from fellow American bloggers. 

I now present to you the French version of Knock Three Times, called Trois P’tits Coups. Please note that this is not the original French signer, but he does a pretty good job and it’s the only version available on YouTube. 

I totally expect you guys to learn this version, and next time we meet, we’ll sing it. Preferably after a few drinks. 😉

Frenchising songs used to be a common thing in the province of Quebec. Many artists had their big break reprising / translating an American hit.



  1. @DutchBitch: Of course!

    @Nat: Un gars qui s’occupe du réseau ici s’appelle Pierre Lalonde. Toutes les fois que quelqu’un dit son nom, j’ajoute rapidement “Shag-a-lag” et je suis toujours le seul à rigoler… 😉

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