Day: December 18, 2008

Third time’s the charm?

Yes we are battling round 3 of the lice battle.

Except this time, this might actually cancel all Christmas traveling for us. On one hand, the families might might get mad at us for cancelling at the last minute, but on the other hand, it seems like spreading lice over two families is hardly worth the risk.

Plus I couldn’t stand being responsible of passing the Minor Plague to unwilling hosts.

Time for some Internet Assvice: What would the Internet do (WWtID)?


Follow-up on yesterday’s post:

Some people asked on-line and off-line what a WACOM tablet was. Here’s mine:


It’s an Intuos 4×6, worth about 220$. You can get to the WACOM website by clicking the picture. 😉 Of course I had jokingly asked for this model, but my little scribbles appear just fine with the model I got.