Third time’s the charm?

Yes we are battling round 3 of the lice battle.

Except this time, this might actually cancel all Christmas traveling for us. On one hand, the families might might get mad at us for cancelling at the last minute, but on the other hand, it seems like spreading lice over two families is hardly worth the risk.

Plus I couldn’t stand being responsible of passing the Minor Plague to unwilling hosts.

Time for some Internet Assvice: What would the Internet do (WWtID)?


Follow-up on yesterday’s post:

Some people asked on-line and off-line what a WACOM tablet was. Here’s mine:


It’s an Intuos 4×6, worth about 220$. You can get to the WACOM website by clicking the picture. 😉 Of course I had jokingly asked for this model, but my little scribbles appear just fine with the model I got.



  1. I don’t think that there is a way to get rid of the evil vermin that is lice without waging a nuclear chemical war on the little bastards. Seriously. One little bitty nit (egg) being left behind anywhere in your home will cause another outbreak. Those things reproduce like mice and rabbits. It’s time to nuke ’em my friend.

    No matter how many times you shave your son’s head, they can still be there, clinging to a little bitty hair root. Have you washed all of the bedding (you can add just a little bit of bleach to the water or a cup of vinegar or you can buy the special lice killing stuff that is for your washing machine and cleaned the carpets (you can buy a powder form that you can sprinkle on your carpet like the deodorizer stuff and it kills them, then you vacuum the suckers up)?

    BTW – who the hell in their right mind would get mad at you for not wanting to spread the joy that is lice?

    Sheila (Charm School Reject)s last blog post..Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Boy

  2. It is time to go badass on those little bastards. Yep, chemical warfare. They make lice bombs, have you looked into those? Apparently, there is something sweet and wonderful about your house that these little buggers like. Good luck getting rid of them.

    And your new toy looks awesome:) Hope you’re having fun with it!

    Beckys last blog post..I have a Pulse…

  3. You haven’t gone chemical on the buggers yet? (You also need to make sure the stuffed animals get treated.) Good luck with it. Honestly, I would rather you cancel last minute than bring lice into my house. I’m sure family feels the same way. Sad for the kidlets though. Very much sucks ass.

    I know that at Nick’s school last year there was one class that kept getting the outbreaks. Not fun.

    nats last blog post..What did you get me?

  4. Can’t you just open the windows and freeze them out? What’s the use of living some place cold if you can’t put mother nature to work for you? Tell her to get off her a**.

    Sorry for your bad luck. We had a less-manly breed of lice down here (*everything* in Canada appears to be heartier — it must be the beer) so ours were killed off using normal lice-killing tactics (I read to them from my MySQL manual and bored them to death).

    I’d be tempted to stay home. I’m not sure you’ll be able to enjoy yourself if you are worried about spreading bugs to friends and family. And if you do spread lice the Christmas of 2008 will forever be known as “L’annee que Mike nous a tous infecter avec les puces.”


    delmers last blog post..Let’s Get Physical

  5. Well, believe it or not both sides of the family would rather see us with lice than not see us. Color me surprised. 😉

    @Suze: I can draw lice pretty decently now. 😉

    @SheilaCSR: LOL! Yes, we’re cleaning everything numerous times.

    @Avitable: I can’t wait to see what you will do with it, and I’m a little surprised you didn’t already have one.

    @Becky: I think it’s more my daughter that attracts them than my house. I suspect she likes to hug classmates and they must exchange hats and such. She says no, but…

    @Nat: Well, if you saw my fist reply you already know that families absolutely want to see the kids, lice or not. Lice can’t live more than 24 hours off a human host, so all those chemical bombs won’t help that much.

    @Delmer: Oh we kill them every single time, it’s just that Zoé keeps bringing more from school. We had about 25 days between each outbreak, so odds that it’s the same infestation are slim. And BTW, “puces” are fleas. You want to use “poux”. 😉

  6. I wondered about the amount of time that was passing between infestations.

    As for the puces vs. poux … well, it would seem my French can be passable *or* I can present a typo-free English comment — but not both. (I’m working on it.)

    delmers last blog post..Let’s Get Physical

  7. @Faiqa: They were actually pretty nice and supportive about the whole thing. Well, my side of the family was a little more hesitant, but I expected it. 🙂

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