One bullet short of a full gun (9)

  • Off : OMFS*!!! I can’t believe I’m done with work until next year! W00t! 13 sweet sweet days of not having to work. I flirted with the idea of stepping off the grid for 13 days, but that would be madness I tell you! MADNESS!
  • With : Once again and for the third time, we are with lice. But with our most excellent families and with the awesome comments from fellow bloggers, it looks like we will be with families for Christmas. FMIL is fully equipped to deal with the onslaught of the six-legged critters.
  • Their : However, I’m not impress with my kid’s school. Their lice policy is non existent, their communicating skills are lacking at best and their concern about this being a problem does not really show in their communications, when they don’t forget to send them.
  • Fucking : Fuck the fucking weather. Once again, the fucking weather lady is on my list of persons to sternly glare at if I ever meet her face to face. She fucking tells me that I’ll get to shovel 20cm (7 inches) of snow over the weekend. This wouldn’t be so bad if the 3cm she predicted for Tuesday didn’t turn into 8 inches, the “light dusting” she predicted for Wednesday didn’t turn into 3 inches of white shit. If I do the simple math, I should really be expecting 50 inches of stuff to shovel over the weekend. Fucking weather lady.
  • Heads : Yesterday we had the Christmas party at my office. The department heads have to cover, 0ut of pocket, the cost of the staff party. There’s a policy that says the university does not pay for food and drinks and room rental for employees activities. I think this is a good policy, the money should be used to help the students and professors, as they really need help. The result for our party was enough food for 30 people to lightly snack on. The problem? This event was advertised as a lunch, and we’re 75 employees.

    In pure Call of Cthulhu tradition, I’ll keep the last bullet for myself for when the actual madness comes.

    *Oh My Fucking’ Self. Yes, I think that highly of myself. 😉



  1. I’m glad you’re not leaving us. I might go through withdrawals:) I work Christas Eve, then I have off until New Year’s Day! I am sooo excited about that!! As I’m writing this, we’re getting dumped on with the white stuff…yuck.

    Beckys last blog post..I have a Pulse…

  2. Have a happy holiday… I’m glad you and the family worked it out. Maybe the *teachers* at your kid’s school are the ones that have lice… and they don’t want anyone to catch on. Or, you know, they’re just woefully incompetent as you’ve already suggested.

  3. I’m off as well. Mostly anyway. I’m sure I’ll go in just to check on things.

    As for the weather — we’ve had dreary skies for at least two weeks. Today we had rain, then 45 minutes of sunshine (and I was almost fooled into thinking things were changing for the better), followed by more clouds and rain.

    delmers last blog post..45 Degrees

  4. @Becky: I hate the white stuff so much I made a t-shirt about it.

    @Suze: But one whole month to get married is pretty cool. Now go shovel that driveway!!!

    @Faiqa: I can totally picture my kids in plastic bubbles now. 😉

    @Delmer: Ah, going in to check on things, the cardinal rule of the IT guy. I’d exchange snow for rain at this point. 😉

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