Day: December 24, 2008

The headlice chronicles

In Sherbrooke: So as you’re reading this, I’m most likely in Sherbrooke. I’ll be visiting families and friends for a few days. This post has been written Monday night. I’ll update if I get access to a computer and some time. 

I think LovelyWife finally snapped. 

As you are aware, CutieDaughter’s been hosting the best head lice party in town but with school out, we figured we’d get some respite from the six-legged critters. Well, no dice. Monday night, less than 12 hours before we were scheduled to drive to Sherbrooke, LovelyWife found one really really small small small nymph in CutieDaughter’s hair.

It was about this big: 


Unless you’re one of those people still running you monitor in 640×480, then it was much more smaller than what you’re seeing. 

We immediately went to DEFCON 4 and by that I mean LovelyWife went ballistic while I sat down in the living room writing a few posts for the next few days. She rushed to the pharmacy to talk to the pharmacist. Even if they told her that some new nymphs were completely normal within the first week of the initial treatment,  she still bought some special shampoo, washed kids hair and her hair, washed all the bedding and bagged a truckload of teddy bears. 

Did I mention this was also the night we wrapped Christmas gifts and packed the suitcases for our trip? It just keeps getting better, doesn’t it?

You know, as I’m typing this I’m watching Worst Week, and it fits. I don’t think I could watch that show too often, as it makes me cringe every other minute or so. I feel for that guy I tell you. 😉