Home at last!

Don’t get me wrong: I honestly enjoyed my Holiday break at this point. Really.

After 1 hour of re-packing the thousands of gifts in smaller and smaller bags, 30 minutes of carrying everything down and fitting everything in the car, 4 hours of driving in the warmest (+14) and windiest weather in years for a December 28th: We. Are. Home!

I’m really happy to be home, because after 7 days of sleeping at FMIL’s house, eating amazing but slightly exagerated meals – my mom had TWO turkeys. I’m really happy she never heard of a Turducken – visiting families of all kinds, playing cards, making puzzles and drinking until the wee hours of the night/morning, it’s cool to go back to the being-at-home-routine of eating healthy (okay healthier), going to bed at decent times and drinking in quantities that do not rival medium countries. 

And most importantly, home is where the heart sex is. 

Gotta go!

In other news…

Holy Crap I made it on another list, not just the naughty list! I seriously want to take a few moments to thank Dawg for including me on his list of funniest bloggers of 2008. 

Here’s the comment I left on his post:

Oh look, I made Dawg’s list. Meh. wink

Seriously, I’m so not worthy of being on that list! Thanks for including me, I guess now I should really get my act together and start writing half decent things…

I am honored.

And I will get my act together I promise. Starting tommorow tommorow-ish.



  1. Yay for being on Dawg’s list…that is awesome! And, I really need to remember to not be drinking anything when I read your post. That “home is where the….” line made me spit out my Dr Pepper…and that my friend, is a bad, bad thing!! Glad you are home safe and sound:)

    Beckys last blog post..From Us to You…

  2. @SheilaCSR: Look who’s using brackets now… It’s only fair since I stole your double colons… ::w00t::

    @CMG: Indeed! And I gotta say, I totally get the tempur-pedic thing too. 🙂

    @Becky: I see you’ve been to other people’s house for extended stays too. Maybe I should put a warning somewhere about the spitting. 😉

  3. SheilaCSR: I guess you should become “Sheila [Charm School Reject] then… 😉

    Suze: Thanks! So, are we doing coffee in the new year?

    Hilly: Please don’t tell my mom. She’d be likely to go for an Osturducken instead, and make two just in case. 😉

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