The loot

This is a Christmas recap post. I will list all the goodies I got this Christmas. It’ll be pretty boring, really. Unless I find some way of making it interesting…

DVDs: FMIL got me Heroes Season 2 because she thinks I’m a villain and Deadwood the complete series because she thinks I’m a cocksucker. This joke only makes sense if you’re somewhat familiar with the series.

Golf Club Baboon: Mister1981 drew my name for the secret Santa and got me this amazing golf club cover that looks like a baboon Muppet. I’ll be the envy of all the other golfers when I take this bad boy out for a spin. He threw in a few golf balls, tees and a gadget to help replace the green when you poke through. What is this saying about my game I wonder:  “You loose balls, break tees and mess the greens! Keep your clubs hidden you loser.” Nah, I’m sure it was all meant in a good way. 😉

Gift Certificate: Those were promptly transformed into board games (Chromino, Six), books (Chevaliers d’Émeraude) and some puzzles. This is an awful mistake, considering that gift certificates take this much space and games and such take that much space. You really need a picture? 😉

Wine Fridge: Nothing says “we know you’re a drunk” like an 18 bottle wine fridge. Seriously, this is one of those time where you should pay attention to what you’re saying. I mentioned that I would like to eventually get that, and my parents go and get it for me. I wish they would’ve heard when I said I was considering getting a 72″ plasma, a PS3, an X-Box360, a new car and a motorcycle.

Money: That will be used to gently ween down my fancy coffee addiction in the new year. That’s right. Looking back, I realize that I drink way too much coffee, to the tune of ::cough:: ::cough:: dollars per week. That really doesn’t make sense.

Well, it looks like I didn’t find a way to make things interesting after all. Maybe with a picture?




  1. @NYCWD: And I only talked about my loot, not LovelyWife and Kids loot. 😉 Nope, didn’t get any wine for the fridge, just the awesome fridge. I’ll get wine on my own soon, my dad is delivering the fridge next weekend.

    @SheilaCSR: I so love the color of my SUV. It’s a big hit.

    @Becky: Your wish is my command! Click for more pictures. 😉

  2. @Avitable: Yeah I thought of how long it would take me to fill the thing up. Normally we pretty much buy what we can drink in a week, of if we buy more we just don’t go to the liquor store until we need more wine. I might jut buy 18 bottles and stack the fridge, and then I’d only have to go back when there’s 3-4 bottles missing…

  3. Ooooh, an 18 bottle wine fridge sounds amazing. Please do a follow up post with the wine you actually choose to stock said emporium of delight. Oh, and I totally know what you mean about the coffee thing. I think I’d shit if I calculated how much money Starbucks took off my hands in 2008.

    Kevin Spencers last blog post..Albums Of 2008

  4. @Becky: Jungle love!

    @Kevin Spencer: I will keep you posted on the emporium of delight for sure! And Starbucks makes it really for me to keep track of my $tarbuck$ spendings, they add it for you and display it on you profile page…

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