My head almost exploded

It’s no real secret that I can – at times – be very vocal about things that irks me. I blame it on my Sicilian heritage, via my grandma, you know that Ol’Latin boiling blood thing. Anyways. On top of the list of things that really really push my button, not being able to park a frakin’ car stands head and shoulder above everything else. I give you the trifecta of being an asshat:


That woman is not handicapped, she parked and literally ran in the store. She’s parked over two spaces, one of them a space reserved for handicapped drivers. The kicker is that there’s plenty of parking spaces available, as only 4 spaces out of the 36 spaces are occupied (two by her car).

Why couldn’t she possibly park 10 feet to the right boggles the mind. This is the original picture: Look, you can clearly see the two empty spaces right there! Was it really that hard to park 6 feet to the right?


If that wasn’t enough, all of this was to get to the liquor store. Yes, my English speaking friends, the SAQ stores are our liquor stores in Quebec, like the LCBO in Ontario. Who needs liquor that bad at 11:00 in the morning?

Maybe I do.


In other news

We ordered our special St-Sylvester menu from Les Fougères. Champagne’s in the fridge. We’re ready.

I’ve uploaded some of the Christmas pictures to Flickr.



  1. OMG I was feeling exactly like that on Monday when I entered one of the busiest parking facilities in Amsterdam, which was nearly full and found FIVE assholes had parked their big fat cars over TWO spaces… No wonder the parking system was saying the facility was not full and I still couldn’t find a parking spot… Assholes… Sigh…

    Hope you have a great and headlice less 2009 ;-)!!!!

    DutchBitchs last blog post..2008… what can I say?

  2. @Dave2: I think she was just drunk. 😉

    @DutchBitch: I have a lot of pictures of those asshats. One of the perks of carrying a phone that takes pictures. 😉 Huzzah for Headlice Less 2009!

    @Brandon: I should upload my pictures there. 😉

  3. I can not stand people that do that! It happens all the time around here. The other thing I hate is people who “forget” how to park when there’s snow on the ground. Travis gets so mad that he will park too close to the driver’s side door of the offending vehicle so the driver can’t get in:)

    Love your pictures! Looks like you and your family had an amazing Christmas!

    Beckys last blog post..Sheila Asks a lot of Questions

  4. @DutchBitch: I hear ya. You have to know when to let go of things. I’m trying that. 😉

    @Becky: I’d be too afraid to do that, they might just scratch my car. Maybe I should get an old beater just to do that. Or that rhinoceros bar in front…

    @Avitable: Well, I was leaving and LovelyWife was already annoyed at me for getting out of the car to take the picture. 😉 Besides, I already had my one allowed fight at the liquor store for that week…

  5. The thing that irks me the most about this is that there’s an empty space right next to where she abandoned her car. We’re doomed. Lazy arsewipery I tell you. Like those that leave their bloody carts in the parking space after unloading even though the little cart-return area is right next to them. Ugh. And, er, on that note, Happy New Year!

    Kevin Spencers last blog post..Albums Of 2008

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