Month: December 2008

Happy Birthday Jesus!

In Sherbrooke: So as you’re reading this, I’m most likely in Sherbrooke. I’ll be visiting families and friends for a few days. This post has been written Monday night. I’ll update if I get access to a computer and some time. 

This is it. 

Reset your calendars. There’s only 364 days left before Christmas. Let’s all vow to shop earlier this time around, m’kay? Don’t act like this is too early, you know you need all the advance warning you can get.

Good day!


The headlice chronicles

In Sherbrooke: So as you’re reading this, I’m most likely in Sherbrooke. I’ll be visiting families and friends for a few days. This post has been written Monday night. I’ll update if I get access to a computer and some time. 

I think LovelyWife finally snapped. 

As you are aware, CutieDaughter’s been hosting the best head lice party in town but with school out, we figured we’d get some respite from the six-legged critters. Well, no dice. Monday night, less than 12 hours before we were scheduled to drive to Sherbrooke, LovelyWife found one really really small small small nymph in CutieDaughter’s hair.

It was about this big: 


Unless you’re one of those people still running you monitor in 640×480, then it was much more smaller than what you’re seeing. 

We immediately went to DEFCON 4 and by that I mean LovelyWife went ballistic while I sat down in the living room writing a few posts for the next few days. She rushed to the pharmacy to talk to the pharmacist. Even if they told her that some new nymphs were completely normal within the first week of the initial treatment,  she still bought some special shampoo, washed kids hair and her hair, washed all the bedding and bagged a truckload of teddy bears. 

Did I mention this was also the night we wrapped Christmas gifts and packed the suitcases for our trip? It just keeps getting better, doesn’t it?

You know, as I’m typing this I’m watching Worst Week, and it fits. I don’t think I could watch that show too often, as it makes me cringe every other minute or so. I feel for that guy I tell you. 😉

The chandelier adventure

In transit: Well, unless you’re some freak that stays up until 00:01 to read new posts ASAP. Oh wait that’s me. So as you’re reading this, I’m most likely on the road between Ottawa and Sherbrooke. I’ll be visiting families and friends for a few days. This post has been written Monday night. I’ll update if I get access to a computer and some time. 

When we bought our house about 8 years ago, we made sure to write in the offer that we wanted all the light fixtures left in the house.

Of course, there was some stuff we didn’t notice about the house before we bought it, like oh, I don’t know, the carpet in the downstairs bathroom for example – but that’s another story. The light fixtures were another one. I swear that on a clear night, when the breeze is just right, we can still hear the old owner laugh. (more…)

Winter Solstice

Yesterday was the shortest day of the year. Well, the day still went for 24 hours, but it’s the shortest daylight duration in the whole year, with 8 hours and 18 minutes of daylight. You know what a solstice is right?

So what did I do during those 8 hours and 18 minutes of daylight?

Well, I got up, had some peanut butter and banana toasts, and a little bit of rice pudding for breakfast. Then I surfed the web for about one hour, reading blogs, writing interview questions and just chillin’. Then I thought it was time for an espresso, and walked to the kitchen… and kept walking past the kitchen, up the stairs and in the bedroom, where I lay down and proceeded to have a 6-hour nap. 

Of course, when I woke up it was already dark outside. I still had to shovel the 8-10 inches of snow I had in the driveway. 

Needless to say, this day went by like a cheetah with it’s ass on fire.

Let me take a moment here to send great vibes to Dave2 from Blogography, who spent the whole day stuck in Sea-Tac, to finally decide to spend the week in Seattle. I’m guessing this day didn’t feel go by as quickly for him.

Ask and ya shall receive!

Sheila decided to participate in Avitable’s five question interview revival. And since I’m still wating for Adam’s questions, I asked her to interview me.

If you want me to interview you, the instructions are at the bottom of the post. Enjoy!

1) So you finally got that Zazzle store going – when are you going to put a tee shirt that is designed specifically for me on there? I joined your fan club – I think that this should earn me the right to a tee shirt design.

Yes, I got an e-mail about you “joining” my fan club. I didn’t even know I had one! I guess that makes you the Fan Club President, I’ll be calling on you to organize meetings, send membership cards and produce and distribute the bi-weekly newsletter.

And you’re absolutely right, this totally gives you the right to a T-Shirt design. I should mention that you’re already responsible for this one  but it was not specifically designed for you, it was inspired from something you wrote to me about my typos. In honor of your Presidency, I just designed one just for you – although my keen business sense tell me that other could get it too. Here it is, I hope you like it!

2) Have you decided on the quirky name of the LeSombre Travel Fund yet? We’ve got a lot of Blogger Gatherings coming up and you have to be there.

Well, the first thing is that I would consider doing a maximum of two blogger-related events per year. The first one would be the Avitables’ Halloween party, and the second one would be TequilaCon, depending on where it’s located. Of course, if I travel for business to a city where some blogger friends reside, I would gladly meet with them. All that being said, I’m not opposed to smaller unofficial gatherings. 😉

If you hung out in the chatroom during Karl’s radio show yesterday, you probably noticed me trying to convince Dave2 to have a Davettawa in the future. He likes the tulips, so that sounds like a 3rd weekend of May event. No pressure!

So I’m thinking about a few names for the Travel Fund:

  1. Haulin’Ass
  2. Movin’Mike
  3. Worldwide Travel Fund (WTF)

What do you think?

3) When you got on that plane to come to Florida, did you have any inkling that you would be meeting someone as awesome as me? I mean, Adam and all the others are pretty great but…..damn.  How do I finish this question without sounding insanely conceited?  Aw hell – they already know I am so go ahead and answer it!

Who are you again?

4) Does your LovelyWife “get” this blogging thing or does she think you (and all of us) are retarded? It took my husband two years to get it so I am curious. 

LovelyWife gets the blogging thing, she lurks on many blogs and even leaves one or two comments here occasionally. I’m trying to get her to start her own blog, so you could read her side of my stories. I think that might make things interesting. More importantly, LovelyWife gets me so she never thinks I’m retarded, she knows it. 😉

5)  If I move to Canada, will the fact that I am your BlogWifey give me any kind of tuition breaks if I decide to further my education?  There has to be some other perks to this relationship.  Your jokes are funny but I’m looking for a little bit more.

If you move to Canada, I’ll further your education for free. Now that’s a lot better than a tuition break, yes?

For example, I’ll take you downtown and have you eat a beaver tail, and then I would take you to the peanut brittle place (and damn, I just realized I could have gone yesterday while I was off), and then I’d take you to a sushi place, and then we’d hve some Jägermeister tonics, and sing some karaoke. We would visit the Parliment, the War Museum, the Civilisation Museum, the Museum of Technology. We’d catch a play, go to a hockey game in Montreal (Go Habs Go!), go to the best Irish pub in the whole city.

Then on the second day…

So there you have it! Want to be part of it? Follow these instructions:

  1. Leave me a comment saying, “Interview me.”
  2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
  3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
  4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
  5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

One bullet short of a full gun (9)

  • Off : OMFS*!!! I can’t believe I’m done with work until next year! W00t! 13 sweet sweet days of not having to work. I flirted with the idea of stepping off the grid for 13 days, but that would be madness I tell you! MADNESS!
  • With : Once again and for the third time, we are with lice. But with our most excellent families and with the awesome comments from fellow bloggers, it looks like we will be with families for Christmas. FMIL is fully equipped to deal with the onslaught of the six-legged critters.
  • Their : However, I’m not impress with my kid’s school. Their lice policy is non existent, their communicating skills are lacking at best and their concern about this being a problem does not really show in their communications, when they don’t forget to send them.
  • Fucking : Fuck the fucking weather. Once again, the fucking weather lady is on my list of persons to sternly glare at if I ever meet her face to face. She fucking tells me that I’ll get to shovel 20cm (7 inches) of snow over the weekend. This wouldn’t be so bad if the 3cm she predicted for Tuesday didn’t turn into 8 inches, the “light dusting” she predicted for Wednesday didn’t turn into 3 inches of white shit. If I do the simple math, I should really be expecting 50 inches of stuff to shovel over the weekend. Fucking weather lady.
  • Heads : Yesterday we had the Christmas party at my office. The department heads have to cover, 0ut of pocket, the cost of the staff party. There’s a policy that says the university does not pay for food and drinks and room rental for employees activities. I think this is a good policy, the money should be used to help the students and professors, as they really need help. The result for our party was enough food for 30 people to lightly snack on. The problem? This event was advertised as a lunch, and we’re 75 employees.

    In pure Call of Cthulhu tradition, I’ll keep the last bullet for myself for when the actual madness comes.

    *Oh My Fucking’ Self. Yes, I think that highly of myself. 😉