And so it begins…

Once again, I’d like to take a few moments to wish you a Happy New Year. Thank you for making your way to my neck of the woods, my section of tube if you will, to read and comment on my daily ramblings. Furthermore, I’d like to thank once again but for the last time Dawg and Sheila for including me in their yearly list. It’s definitely an honor that I’ll strive to live up to. Now if Sheila could only get her slave IT guy to create a kick ass badge that I could add to my site… I raise my glass to 364 days of excellence. On with the show!

Blueberry Tea on Mars

I’ve been poking and prodding for a little while now, I have even made offers followed by indecent offers… LovelyWife finally caved in and will start blogging today. I’m sure you are curious to see what she’ll write about – I know I am! LovelyWife decided to publish her thoughts on Blogger, and can be read here. I did offer to buy her “” but she thought that was a little weird I guess.

And so it begins…



  1. @Dave2: That would be awesome, wouldn’t it? I would need to convince her, and then get FMIL to come with us to babysit the kiddos while we party… Maybe if I disguise this as a visit to Disney? 🙂

    @Poppy: Happy New Year to you too, and your furry kiddos… 😉

  2. @Becky: NYE was great, and 2009 has started in an excellent way. HNY to you too! Only 10 months before Halloween… 🙂

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